157: Hot Slice of Boys - 2 Bad 2 Furious | Clubbed to Death

157: Hot Slice of Boys - 2 Bad 2 Furious | Clubbed to Death



Well childrens, the Jupiter Boys are back again to turn those little frowns upside down. By surgery, if necessary. 

Also, the Hot Slice of Boys tour bus is rolling again, and the boys are busy in the studio working on their second, really shitty album. Listen in, won't you?

Then, Jim wants to talk about the beauty of a clubhouse and the superiority that comes from exclusivity. But really, he just wants to talk about clubhouses, especially that weird one from Stephen King's It, that's really just a hole in the ground. And also why the fuck there's a 7-person gangbang amongst 11-year-olds that just doesn't make any fucking sense and is deeply disturbing. He could have thrown like 100,000 different ideas in there that didn't involve underage boys running a train on an underage girl. 


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