050: Audiobookworm | 20 Gal Jerk Station

050: Audiobookworm | 20 Gal Jerk Station



Hey everybody, it's our FIFTIETH fucking episode! Remember when we said we were going to do something special? We really boned that one up good. But we decided that we'll make up for it... on episode 64. Spread the news. Today, Quinn wants to talk about the glorious advent that is Audiobooks. Then Jim wants to know how to make your chill palace as frosty as possible. You may be unsurprised to learn that Quinn's includes an automated jerk station. Jupiter Boys intro for this week was recorded by Cyannide of Little Geek Lost: www.littlegeeklost.com

Special thanks to Christo Graham for the use of our theme music: http://christograham.bandcamp.com

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